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Rice salad with boiled chicken

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Rice salad with boiled chicken

White pepper
A little lemon juice
Sweetener equivalent to approximately 15 g. of sugar
0.5Green bell pepper (ca. 50 g.)
0.5Honeydew melon (about 200 g.)
0.5dlRed wine vinegar
1Avocado (about 100 g.)
1Small piece of Celeriac (approx. 50 g.)
1smallOnions (approx. 25 g)
2dlSolve rice

Instructions for Rice salad with boiled chicken

To prepare the Rice salad with boiled chicken recipe, please follow these instructions:

Chicken: The chicken is cooked, put in a pan and covered with water. Bring the chicken to the boil without lid. The soup foamed. The vegetables are cleaned and put into the pan with the salt. The chicken is boiled for approx. 45 min. Until it's tender. The chicken is taken up and cooled. Skins and legs are removed from the chicken, the meat is cut into smaller pieces.

Rice: Rice, water and salt are boiled and boiled according to the instructions on the package. The rice is cooled.

Fill to the salad: Pepper fruit is freed for the mill and cut into small tern. The avocado is freed for stones and shells. The avocado meat is cut into the tern and drips with lemon juice, so the meat will not turn brown. The lid is peeled and chopped very nicely. The melon is freeze for kernels and must and the meat is cut into large cubes.

Marinade: Ingredients of marinade mix well and season with sweetener.

Rice salad: Ingredients for rice salad mix well. The marinade is poured over the salad, which pulls in the fridge for 1-2 hours.

Serving: Rice salad with boiled chicken is eaten as it is, but you can also serve coarse bread.

The boiling water from the chicken can be said and used for, for example, sauce or soup another day. If you want a more fibrous salad, you can add coarse vegetables such as veal carrots and peas. If you have a Parisian iron, the melon can be scrapped out to small balls.