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Roasted potatoes with honey

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Roasted potatoes with honey

1glassFine small potatoes
3-4Good tbsp. honey

Instructions for Roasted potatoes with honey

To prepare the Roasted potatoes with honey recipe, please follow these instructions:

Use a tefal-pan in good quality.
Heel honey to the Pan and set on stove with excessive heat. When the honey will be golden and a little karamelaktig, pour karfoflerne by (without water) Potatoes FRY, stirring, until they have an appropriate suit (optional)

The kitchen will smell Much during preparation of honey, but I promise it can't be tasted in the finished potatoes, they taste just as good homemade Brown potatoes, as our mom made them and they will be nice and evenly Brown. Warmly recommended for people on treatment, because there is only the amount of fat that honey contains microskobiske. And so they are very easy to make.