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Rosehip Jam III

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Rosehip Jam III

1tspCitric acid
1tbspPreservative fluid
500gRose hips
500gTart apples

Instructions for Rosehip Jam III

To prepare the Rosehip Jam III recipe, please follow these instructions:

Big rose hips are halved, seeds scraped out and the fruit cut through again and then rinse well. Apples peeled and cut into smaller pieces. Both kinds of fruit in the water on a low heat and boil, covered, until it is tender. Then stir in the sugar and citric acid, and finally, the jam is cooked until it is smooth around 20 min. canning added and finally, the jam is poured on glass, reseal tightly with lid. Tips: Finally, the jam can be prepared with fintsnittede lemons instead of apples. In this case, omitted lemon acid.