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Rye bread without wheat flour

Bread, buns & biscuits
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 bread

Ingredients for Rye bread without wheat flour

Basic sourdough
0.5lWater (boiling)
1kgRye flour
1tbspWater (lukewarm)
500gGrains (all types of cores can be used)
500gCracked rye kernels

Instructions for Rye bread without wheat flour

To prepare the Rye bread without wheat flour recipe, please follow these instructions:

Step 1.
Dissolve the yeast in the water, add the flour and stir the uniform a few minutes to finally add the salt.
Must be in 2 days-coated film, take into account that it raises.

Step 2.
Pipes because surdejen out with the syrup, then add the rye flour, nuts and salt, slip it through his fingers approximately 100 times.
Cover it with movies, and allow to stand for a further 24 hours.

Step 3.
Pour the boiling water over the seeds, and let the afsvale to lukewarm, important.

For 2-3 bread molds with baking paper. Add the udrørte yeast in surdejen so that the kernels, remember qualities and, finally the flour.
Smut it again 100 times between his fingers, are distributed in the molds, 3/4 filled the molds.

Let it raise the 2-3 hours to the reach the top of the form, possibly. Plug slightly with a frying fork.

Bake 2 hours at 200 gr .evt. the last 10 mins without form.

Bread crusts should be soft in plastic bag before they are completely cooled.

From start to finish takes the bread 5 days, it tastes great if you are starting from scratch each time, orcs not it, take the ca. 400 gr dough from before adding the yeast in step 3. So you start at step 2 the next time. It is good and hearty bread is healthy.

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