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Salmon Chopper

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2

Ingredients for Salmon Chopper

1Large package salmon
1-2packagesNeutral cheese, possibly. philidelphia
1-3tbspPesto (green or garlic aftertaste)
2packagesFillet boards

Instructions for Salmon Chopper

To prepare the Salmon Chopper recipe, please follow these instructions:

The butterfly plates are rolled out and cut into slices to the desired size, I make them for approx. 5x2cm.
Make sure there are spaces between the pieces when placed on the plate! Then they are baked after the instruction on the biscuit plate.

Cheese and pesto mix well together - remember to taste.
The cheese is lubricated on the baked cuts and the salmon is arranged upstairs.

The cheese can be mixed already the day before, but then the pesto flavor becomes more powerful. The butterdish plates can be baked in the morning and stored dry.