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Salmon rolls

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Salmon rolls

Mixed salad
0.5tspDijon mustard
0.5Lime juice thereof
1dlSour cream (38%)
1tbspCut dill
1tbspThe clip of Marjoram
1tbspCut chives
1.5dlCrème fraiche 38%
150gCold smoked salmon, sliced
150gCold smoked salmon residues (without skin and bones)
60gRed caviar

Instructions for Salmon rolls

To prepare the Salmon rolls recipe, please follow these instructions:

Blend the salmon peas as soon as possible with the creme fraichen. Take the salmon stock out of the blender and mix it with the stone beetroot.

Lay the salmon slices apart on a piece of plastic film and roll them over the fill with the film. Slide the ends and put the roll in the fridge until it is served for at least one hour.

All the ingredients for the dressing are stirred together and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Cut the salmon roll into 8 equal pieces and indicate them in portions.

Decorate with dillquakes and fill the filled salmon roll with green salad or with avocado boats. Offer flute, bread or toasted bread.

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