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Salmon Rolls

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Salmon Rolls

0.25Iceberg lettuce
1glassWhite asparagus
10gBaby spinach
100gCream cheese naturel
150gRøgt salmon in writing
3tbspFresh chives

Instructions for Salmon Rolls

To prepare the Salmon Rolls recipe, please follow these instructions:

Boil the spinach in a saucepan for approx. 5 min, let it cool to cool. Stir the cream cheese with garlic salt and pepper, but beware of the salt, as the salmon is salty in advance.

How to roll them:
1 slice of salmon, 1 tsp. Cream cheese, 1 pc. Leaf spinach roll the salmon slice bind a garlic on the roll. Put the salmon rolls on the bottom of Iceberg Decorate it with asparagus.

Children can help to make them.