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Salmon roulade In

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 8

Ingredients for Salmon roulade In

Mixed salad
Lemon juice. freshly squeezed
Dill, fresh
1dlCrème fraiche 38%
100gSalmon cold smoked
2tbspChives, fresh
200gBoiled white asparagus
30gLumpfish ROE Red
30gLumpfish ROE black
75gCream cheese. 70 +
8Cherry tomatoes

Instructions for Salmon roulade In

To prepare the Salmon roulade In recipe, please follow these instructions:

Cream cheese, hard boiled eggs, chives and sour cream mix. The 100 g. salmon cut into small pieces, invert in and season with pepper salt since smoked salmon is not the right salt itself.

On a piece of vitawrap out the sliced salmon pieces taglagt, ca. 6 slices. The stuffing is on the middle of the salmon and using vitawrapen prepare a roulade.

Rouladen is added in fyseren to use-but remember salmon has limited freeze freshness.

Take out of freezer about half an hour before and cut into slices of 2 cm. May refrigerate until use.

By snack-potions slick-added salmon slices on shredded salet, cherry tomatoes in both, served with a piece of fancy bread, if desired. heart bread.

Norwegian salmon is good for this starter.