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Salmon with chili salad

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 portion(s)

Ingredients for Salmon with chili salad

optional1 fresh fig in both
Freshly ground pebe
0.5dlMint leaves
1dlFlat-leaf parsley or cilantro
1dlChicken broth
1tbspWheat flour
1tbspLime juice
1dlCooking cream
1dlThai basil (may be omitted)
1.5tbspGrated fresh ginger
150gBoiled potatoes
2tspConc. fish stock
2Salmon fillets (a 100 gr)
4Chili green and Red

Instructions for Salmon with chili salad

To prepare the Salmon with chili salad recipe, please follow these instructions:

salad: Crack the Chili's, remote kernerog slats, and cut them into fine strips, ginger and fry them in oil until crisp about 5 min and let them drain on paper towel
sauce: mix all of the sauce and let it simmer a few minutes stirring
Salmon: salmon rose on the same pan as the chilli fruits, approximately 2 min per side mix the fried chillies with thai basil, mint and parsley and it came to the fish squeeze lime juice over
Server fish with salad, potatoes, sauce and fig both