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Salmon with pesto screws

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Salmon with pesto screws

Cherry tomatoes in half
Feta, diced
Pine nuts/sunflower seeds
Baby lettuce
1bundleFresh green asparagus in coarse pieces
1Red peppers into small cubes
300gPasta in good coarse quality
400gSmoked salmon

Instructions for Salmon with pesto screws

To prepare the Salmon with pesto screws recipe, please follow these instructions:

rose slightly the fresh asparagus in a pan
serve the fresh salad on a plate
Cook the pasta and cool the
stir the pasta with pesto and place a portion on the salad.
Then put the asparagus, feta, red bell peppers and tomatoes.
Finally one salad with salmon and sprinkles topper pine/sunflower seeds on.

be served with a good toasted ciabatta bread