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Sausage of Rådyrkød

Cold cuts
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Sausage of Rådyrkød

Sausage nr: 1
Sausage no: 2
1.8kgPig fat
12pcsJuniper crushed
15-20Whole peppercorns
18pcsPepper grains
2gMace or nutmeg
25gSt. white pepper
25gSt. Pepper
3cloveGarlic (12gr.)
6gCayenne pepper
75gKitchen salt
75gNitrite salt

Instructions for Sausage of Rådyrkød

To prepare the Sausage of Rådyrkød recipe, please follow these instructions:

The scrawny meat mincing through a 4 mm. hulskive, mixed with packed and together with it run through the hakkeren with a 8 mm. hulskive, salt and spices are mixed in the forcemeat and it kneaded well together. Stopped in a 60 mm. art bowel, then hung for maturation, a 24-hour, after which the hanged røgovnen for cold smoking, apart from small breaks on from 4-6 hours, the sausages must be smoked 8 to 9 days.

The meat is from the neck, and shoulders.

NB. If, after having skinny meat, put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours before mincing, one gets a more real sausage.