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Scallops and shrimps in filodej

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Scallops and shrimps in filodej

0.5tbspLime juice
0.5tbspThai stir fry oil
1tspFinely grated lime
1Spring onions
1tbspDry sherry
0.5tbspA taste of thai fish sauce spicy
0.5tbspFinely grated fresh ginger

Instructions for Scallops and shrimps in filodej

To prepare the Scallops and shrimps in filodej recipe, please follow these instructions:

Scallops and shrimps are cut into smaller pieces. Spring onions are chopped well. The oil is heated on the forehead. Spring onion, ginger, lime shale and lime juice are raised 1 min. Sherry and fish spice sauce poured on. Scallops, shrimps and fish spices are reversed and the forehead is removed from the heat. Filode plates are laid double and divided into 12 (about 10 x 12 cm) square pieces. Place the filling with a spoon in the middle of the dough plates. The dough is folded around the filling into a small package. The packages are placed with the collections down on a baking sheet coated baking sheet. The packages are baked on the second upper rib 5-8 minutes. At 200 degrees. Boiling water poured over the spring onion peaks. The peaks are divided into long bands that bind around the packages.