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Sesame-cheddar chicken in casserole dish

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 portion(s)

Ingredients for Sesame-cheddar chicken in casserole dish

Garlic into slices of your needs-can be omitted
Potato flute or salad
Desired more sauce can add extra bet or peeled tomatoes
Sesame seeds with or without to
Sunflower oil (or other oil)
1bagGrated cheddar cheese (other cheeses can be used just the can melt)
1Red pepper
1.5dlCream or whole milk el andenmælk 1 dl. water
2Parsley roots El. parsnips
2Tomatoes or peeled tomatoes

Instructions for Sesame-cheddar chicken in casserole dish

To prepare the Sesame-cheddar chicken in casserole dish recipe, please follow these instructions:

Turn the oven on the 200gr.
Chicken FRY map taken by and covered in sesame seeds and oil, Invert on the forehead.
Cut a pocket in and fill in with good cheese of your needs. Flavored with salt and pepper.

Cut the vegetables in coarse pieces. First sauté the garlic if these are desired or just the vegetables in a deep pan for a couple of minutes add milk/cream, peeled tomatoes and the different vegetables to taste. Let it boil for about 3-5 min. Put then røntsagerne and gravy in a brædepande and similar to the chickens on and sprinkle additional cheese, if desired.

Put it all in the oven for chicken is finished.

Serve with boiled or oven-baked potatoes, salad or bread. -Other vegetables may be added, such as. broccoli, onion, squash or whatever you have in the fridge.