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Shellfish salad

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Shellfish salad

0.5tspCayenne Pepper (the stroke goal)
1cloveFinely chopped garlic
1cloveGarlic into thin slices
1pcsSkråtskåret spring onions in about 1 cm long pieces
1.5dlExtra vergine olive oil
2medium-sizedSquid carcasses of calamaro-type (preferably fresh, but frozen can be used
2tbspFinely chopped carrot
2tbspRoughly chopped red bell pepper that has been cleaned of seeds and membranes
2-3Limes, juice thereof
3tbspFinely chopped scallions
4tbspChopped flat-leaf parsley (finely chop a bit of the stem with)
500gLine-Mussels (small black mussels)
500gArrow-yourself shrimp (fresh is best)

Instructions for Shellfish salad

To prepare the Shellfish salad recipe, please follow these instructions:

Prepare marinade by whipping olive oil and lime juice together. Then add all the other ingredients and let it stand and pull while the seafood is prepared.

Blame and clean the mussels thoroughly. Discard those broken. Now steam them in a thickened pot / saucepan with a little white wine and a split garlic garlic. It is very important that you do not chew the mussels, then they grow rough and erasive in the meat. On the other hand, when they steam them quietly at a time, they become much more delicious. You are, of course, under the hood. Add some salt along the way and throw the mussels that have not opened. Also change the wine in the saucepan after each cooking. Put the cooked mussels on a large dish.

Now take the "stand" out of the squid bodies. Boil them 4-5 minutes in low salt water. Take them up and let them cool and then cut into rings a. A half inch thickness.

Arrow the shrimp and remove the bowel in the back. Recipe squid, mussels and shrimps in a large white dish. Pour marinade over and let it all pull in a refrigerator with film over an hour.