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Siris chicken chopsuy with almonds

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Siris chicken chopsuy with almonds

Green haricot verts
optionalA little rose water
a littleSalt
0.25canBamboo shoots
0.25Green bell pepper
0.25canWater chestnuts
0.5Boullionterning (either chicken or vegetable)
0.5Thick carrot
1splashWhite wine or sherry
1splashSoya/teriaky gravy
1XING fu spring onions and oyster sauce
100gPeeled almonds (or mixed almonds and peanuts)
2Blue dragon chop suy gravy
2Spell scallions
3Chicken breasts (ca. 500 gr.)
4Baby corn
6Big mushrooms

Instructions for Siris chicken chopsuy with almonds

To prepare the Siris chicken chopsuy with almonds recipe, please follow these instructions:

Came the chicken in the freezer (it must lie there in my 20 mins.). Smut tonsils (this is done most easily by putting them in soak in a bowl with a lid, in boiling water and change the water 2-3 times with new boiling water).
Clean and cut all the vegetables coarsely. They must be in fairly large pieces. Except water chestnuts and bamboo shoots, which just need to be drained from the væden. Goals water and rice and style it ready. Take the chicken out of the freezer, it is now easier to cut. Cut the fat and snav from, and cut the chicken into thin pieces. Heat a nonslip sautepande, or a good nonslip wok up until it is piping hot. Came the tonsils in and stir. The tonsils must be lynsteges for about 10 min. Then take the up, and the meat comes in. Meat must be lynsteges until tender and done, but must not become Brown. Here one must touch all the time. Pour a splash of white wine or sherry in along with the chicken. When chicken is tender, take it up and attributed to EVS. in a shallow dish. The vegetables came in, and stir-fry them until tender, but still have bite. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Here we must also touch almost all the time. It may be that it is necessary to turn down the flared along the way, but not so far that lynstegningen is not possible. When the vegetables are done screwed there down to medium heat, and meat, nuts and sauce in.
Let it all heat thoroughly, and season to taste with soy sauce/teriaky, possibly. a little rose water and white wine/sherry. It can be helped on their way with a splash of oyster sauce, and/or a half boullionterning.
Bring to a boil, and risvandet came boullionen as well as possibly. a little salt in the rice and turn down. Add on the back burner. The rice must cook with lid And stand for 10 minutes with the lid in the 10-15 minutes.

Tip: you can vary the Court of vegetables depending on what you have available on fridge and freezer, here I have just chosen my favorite. Remember, however, that if you are using frozen vegetables to replace some or all of the vegetables, they must be taken out of the freezer and added to tøning in a bowl, at the same time as you put the chicken in the freezer. So you avoid that they will not be finished the same time as the other fresh vegetables.