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Sjasket cabbage

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 portion(s)

Ingredients for Sjasket cabbage

Coarse rye bread & mustard
Madras Curry
1Large hvidkåls main
1000gGive into cubes
2Swine or vegetable bouillon cubes
500gBacon, diced

Instructions for Sjasket cabbage

To prepare the Sjasket cabbage recipe, please follow these instructions:

You will need a large pot to this right (9-11 litres)
Rinse the cabbage well and cut it into bite-sized pieces, Peel the potatoes and cut them into large cubes. set the water to a boil with the broth the dice and place the cabbage in the pot, add the karryen (almost a half a bag full). When the cabbage is cooked through, add potatoes, bacon and half the meat, from now on the only simmer. After 15 min. be tasted there on "the soup" and add salt, pepper and Curry at will. Approx. 20 min. after the potatoes have come in they will begin to regular court. The sjaskede cabbage should be easily wet and the potatoes are about half the size of, when they came into the pan. Now you should have a "cabbage" is a bit like an Irish Stew or a steady porridge. YES it is ready for serving.
Serve with wholemeal rye bread & mustard.

Tips: This is a low-fat version because there usually used pork instead of lean meat.