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Small chalk peas with leeks

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 pcs

Ingredients for Small chalk peas with leeks

a littleCoffee cream
optionalA little salt
1canCroissant dough (to 6 croissants)
100gCooked Turkey (a remnant)

Instructions for Small chalk peas with leeks

To prepare the Small chalk peas with leeks recipe, please follow these instructions:

Divide the croissant dough into 6 pieces - not in triangles as shown in the dough but in squares.
Lay the squares in muffin molds and press the center lightly toward the bottom.
Distribute turkey meat and leek in the dough.
Pour a little coffee on top.
If the meat is not salted, sprinkle a little salt over it too.
Close the dough together for the oven.
Bake the dishes for 10 minutes on a 200 degree ordinary oven.