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Soup ala Jeanette

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2 portion(s)

Ingredients for Soup ala Jeanette

Vegetables of your choice
Handful fresh campigoner
Spinach (like frosent)
1Small onions
1/3Of a Brussels sprouts
2Beautiful pieces of salmon. (preferably frozen)

Instructions for Soup ala Jeanette

To prepare the Soup ala Jeanette recipe, please follow these instructions:

Hot on up at 200 degrees.

Chop all the vegetables into fine pieces.

Similar to the salmon on a large piece of saniol.
next to the salmon is one half of the vegetables and spinatern. This gives you a good time, salt, pepper and garlic, then we should get right to songs of something.

Then we close the sani Sun around which a small package, but before we close the right leaning we a little olive oil and a half litre water down to the salmon.

Now we are closing completely and puts both packages into on caution.

This gets 45 minutes.

Then the products can be careful taking them out, open on one side and pour soup into the water by a dybtalerken.

now can you lie the salmon and vegetables nicely in the middle of talerken and it is ready to be eaten. In addition, you can also server broke.

This right is super easy, and low-fat. also I can promise you that it tastes really good. The salmon will not be dry, since it lies along with spinach and vegetables. Velbekommen. :-)

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