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Spaghetti oven right

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 3

Ingredients for Spaghetti oven right

1canChopped tomatoes
1Medium onion
1bagShredded mozzarella
1packageHam cubes
2.5dlWhipped cream
300gCooked spaghetti

Instructions for Spaghetti oven right

To prepare the Spaghetti oven right recipe, please follow these instructions:

Spaghetti cooked to al dente.
Chop onion in smaller tern and mix with all other ingredients together in a bowl. Finally, wait for the eggs to finally taste with salt and pepper inside. This mass is mixed now with the cooked spaghetti and poured onto a dish.
Cooked in preheated alm. Oven 20 to 30 min at 200 degrees.

Served with a mixed green salad.

The whip can be replaced by coffee cream but never milk! The law becomes the water because the lower the fat percentage will be. Save some of the grated cheese approx. A handful when the dish is finished, take it out and sprinkle again and again until the cheese is melted and golden, this gives a delicious cheese crust. Can be advantageously frozen and heated again in the microwave.