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Spicy curry soup with chicken

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Spicy curry soup with chicken

optionalA pinch of ground cinnamon
Yellow curry paste, blue dragon
Curry powder (powder)
Red curry paste, blue dragon
Serve, if desired. with Basmati rice and naanbrød
1canMini corn/baby corn
1Red bell pepper
2tspDried Basil
2-3Hønsebouillon cubes
3canCoconut milk (á 400 ml)
700gChicken breast or fillet

Instructions for Spicy curry soup with chicken

To prepare the Spicy curry soup with chicken recipe, please follow these instructions:

Chicken cut into small tern - approx. 2 * 2 cm. The bulbs are cut into small terns. Peel the pepper, prepare and cut into a 1 * 1 cm tern. Baby maize is drained for wet and cut into 1 cm slices.

Margarine, becel or oil are heated in a thickened pot. Add a teaspoon. Of each curry paste and blend with the fat. Turn onion on them until they become soft. Chicken is added and heated throughout. Baby maize and pepper fruit are added and warmed with quite short before the first can of coconut milk is added.

While the dish comes to boil, add more curry paste (a teaspoon of each), a sprig. Curry powder, brothel, basil, salt and pepper. Boil while stirring until the curry paste and broth have dissolved. Sprinkle with the remaining cans of coconut milk. Bring the boil again.

From here the process becomes a matter of tasting. I would like to add more teaspoons. Curry paste and extra curry curry to make the soup charcoal and beautifully yellow. If the soup is too strong, you can drench with milk. The can be added if you want a little touch of oriental sweetness - the same amount of sugar can also be used. Missing the soup "roundness" I would like to add more salt or broth. Gurkemeje can be used to make the soup more yellow if you do not want to add more curry.
Take a long time to taste the right to get the desired balance between sweetness and strength.

I always serve the soup with a bit of basmatiris next to which you can mix as needed. The actual filling in the soup can be replaced. I imagine that big and big shrimp will also fit in. If you want a stronger soup with a sense of acidity, you can put a stalk of lemon tree with this fish before serving. You can add garlic and fresh chili to the dish after your taste.