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Spicy kyllingboller with vegetables

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Spicy kyllingboller with vegetables

Mixed green salad
Freshly ground black pepper
Cooked (basmatis-or brown-) (whole grain) rice or pasta
Olive oil
Sauces are helping or cornstarch (corn flour) touched off in a little water
0.25tspCoarse salt
0.25tspGround allspice
0.5-1dlCream or soy cream or cream fine (or milk)
1dl(low-fat) a38 or yogurt
1Handful (preferably whole grain) bread crumbs
1Handful (25-30 g) millet flakes (oatmeal)
1dlWhite or rosé wine (or water)
1Small yellow/orange peppers in 1-2 cm cubes
1tspDried Chervil (or dill) or 1 tbsp. fresh
200gSmall broccoli-bouquets
2-3Egg whites or 1 white + 1 whole egg
2-3tbspChopped green porretop (or scallions)
250gOyster Mushrooms (400 g mushroom) in wide strips
300gMinced chicken
4-5Chopped Sun-dried tomatoes
7dlGood vegetable broth (herbamare)

Instructions for Spicy kyllingboller with vegetables

To prepare the Spicy kyllingboller with vegetables recipe, please follow these instructions:

Chicken meat is stirred to a real father's with the next 10 ingredients. Broth and wine is heated in a roomy saucepan.

Meanwhile, sauté the mushrooms in a pan in a little olive oil for about 10 minutes. Be set aside.

Forcemeat is moulded with a spoon into buns on the size of a walnut. The buns are cooked gently in the broth in 7 minutes. Cook them in two laps so they don't "mokker" and take them up with a slotted spoon.

Be smoothed a little broth. Chicken dumplings and mushrooms add and warmed through.

Broccoli-bouquets are added to 3-4 minutes before serving. Finally add bell peppers and cream/soy product. Everything is warmed through

Serve with cooked rice or pasta. Tag, if desired. little buns off for sandwiches the next day. They are also good cold.