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Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 10 pcs

Ingredients for Spiders

Red smarties for eyes
0.5dlPasteurized egg whites
125gIcing sugar
2dlWhipped cream
300gWheat flour-or 250 wheat flour and 50 g cocoa.

Instructions for Spiders

To prepare the Spiders recipe, please follow these instructions:

1. Behind the round or oval cookies by cookie dough tilsatkakao. and roll thin sticks of dough out to ben.
2. stir the glaze, and low cross on ten baked biscuits with an icing bag, or a plastic bag with a tiny hole in down below.
3. make a chocolate cream. warm gently cream and pieces of chocolate in a saucepan. turn off when it is melted, and let it solidify. butter chocolate cream on the biscuits, put eight "legs" on. set of eyes in the cream around the edges and put a biscuit with crosses on which back on top.

Behind them at about 200 degrees