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Spring casserole with hamstring

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Spring casserole with hamstring

1tspPaprika, edelsuss
100gSugar peas
150gSpring onions
250gTopside, trimmed
5dlVegetable broth
60gMini corn

Instructions for Spring casserole with hamstring

To prepare the Spring casserole with hamstring recipe, please follow these instructions:

The spring bulbs are cleansed and cut into slanted pieces of approx. 2 cm. The spring bulbs are easily exchanged in the fat. Broth is added.

The cauliflower is divided into small bouquets and come in.
Sugar peas and minima are cut into slanted pieces of approx. 2 cm. Just like the spring buds. The vegetables are added and the dish is boiled.

The ham is cut into thin wok strips which are dipped dry with a kitchen roll and half come in the boiling broth.
When the broth is boiling again, the last wok strips will arrive. Peppers are added.
For example, the dish is smoothed with corn starch in a little milk and boiled through. The dish is seasoned with salt and pepper.

Serving: Spring griddle with hamstring is served with new potatoes and lettuce.