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Sprinkled Lamb with mashed spinach.

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Sprinkled Lamb with mashed spinach.

Fresh Chervil
1kgFresh spinach leaves
1Rack of lamb approx 2.5-3 kg
1Spring cabbage
1/4bottleWhite wine
2Bay leaves
250gSour cream 38
4rodsLeaf celery
6-10Black peppercorns

Instructions for Sprinkled Lamb with mashed spinach.

To prepare the Sprinkled Lamb with mashed spinach. recipe, please follow these instructions:

Boil salt, sugar, water, bay leaves, peppercorns and thyme for 5 minutes. To a brine. Cool the layers. Place the lamb back for 48 hours.

The blasted lambs are boned so that the fillets hang together on the back skin.

Spinach is rinsed / cleaned, ribbed for stalks, sautéed in butter with finely chopped garlic, seasoned with salt / pepper, cut the peeled almonds into fillets and mix in spinach, spinach squeeze free of moisture and put on the lamb shake between the fillets, the Cut sliced ​​sour cream. Put the lamb fillets together so that the spinach is in the middle, packed into the fat net that holds it all together. Stir in oven v / 180g. For 35-40 min.

Kålsaute: Finsnit spidskål-peel the celery stalks, which are cut across in both 5 mm. It is sautéed quickly in oil with fresh thyme leaves, seasoned with salt / sugar and coarse pepper.

Driffle Creme.
Cook the frying pan in white wine, add the cream fraiche gradually, cook to a lightly creamy sauce, season with salt and pepper, add finely chopped meat to the serving.

Top the cabbage car up in the middle of the plate, where there are 2-3 slices of lamb, the carcass crew came around. New potatoes with coarsely chopped parsley are served to.

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