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Star Shot III

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Star Shot III

A little lemon juice
0.25tbspLemon juice
0.25dlVinegar and/or white wine
0.5tbspAsparagus water
0.5tspPaprika edelsüss
1Small can of asparagus (save væden)
1glassBlack caviar
1Tomato to tomato POPs
1.25dlSour cream
1-4tbspTomato concentrate
150gVirgin lobster or crayfish
4Lemon slices
4Pasteurized egg yolks
4Lettuce leaves
4Large slices French bread
8Beautiful fish fillets

Instructions for Star Shot III

To prepare the Star Shot III recipe, please follow these instructions:

The red dressing is stirred together, first peel the peppers into the asparagus water, then stir the remaining ingredients. Peel the chopped or squeezed and add. Season with salt and pepper.

The butter is melted to clarified butter. Vinegar and water are boiled through a steel pan. The egg yolks are added and whipped / cooked to a creamy consistency of low heat, if any. In the water bath. The chilled and clarified margarine is added gradually after whipping. The sauce is kept warm over the water bath. The temperature must not exceed 70 degrees C or 50 degrees C downwards.

Sprinkle the 4 fish fillets into mashed egg and rasp and raise them golden. Put the other 4 fish fillets in boiling letsalted water. Screw down the heat and pick them up when they are white and tender.

Shake the bread on a toaster or butter it with butter on the forehead.

Season salad leaves and fish fillets on the bread. Garnish with Norway lobster shrimp, shrimp, one can of asparagus, caviar, lemon slices and tomatoes.

Pour dressing and sauce over the starch before serving and decorate with spice green.