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Steak sandwich with aïoli and chili-peach melba

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Steak sandwich with aïoli and chili-peach melba

Lemon juice
A little coarse salt
optionalA little olive oil for frying
1(pasteurized) egg yolk
1Red chili
1tbspSherry vinegar
4tbspRaspberry chutney-view recipe
4Thin steaks
8tspAïoli-view recipe

Instructions for Steak sandwich with aïoli and chili-peach melba

To prepare the Steak sandwich with aïoli and chili-peach melba recipe, please follow these instructions:

Start with preparing aïoli: 's hvidløgsfedene and crush them in a mortar with a little coarse salt, add the egg yolk and a little lemon juice and then the oil little by little until aliolien has a suitable consistency. Season to taste with lemon juice. Aïolien must be kept cold!

Then prepared raspberry chutney: Bring hindbærrerne to a boil with sugar salt and vinegar. The Chili's of cores and chop it finely. Mix the minced chili in hindbærrerne and let it all cook for chutneyen has a uniform, firm texture. Server to meat dishes.

Then you are ready to make a steak sandwich: combine the Arugula and basil, rinse it thoroughly and dry the leaves. Washing ferskenen and share it in twelve boats. Crack flûtet lengthwise and then share it in four pieces. Grill steaks or roast them on the forehead.

Butter a teaspoon aïoli on cutting surface of each piece flûte, put a small handful Arugula-basil leaves on the lower flûtehalvdel, put a steak on top. Advantage a spoonful of raspberry chutney over steak and put three peach both upstairs. To finish the top flûtehalvdel on and the sandwich is ready for serving.