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Stenbiderrogn with dild

Midnight snacks
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Stenbiderrogn with dild

4slicesToast bread
500gFresh lumpfish ROE

Instructions for Stenbiderrogn with dild

To prepare the Stenbiderrogn with dild recipe, please follow these instructions:

The carriage is cut open if it is still in the barriers and placed in an ample large bowl of cold water. Now remove the obstacles by stirring well in the bowl with a whipping. Regularly remove the obstacles that put on the whipping. Then, aim and repeat the procedure a few times. Finally, let the rogue stand in the sieve and drip well.

Stir it with salt, finely chopped onion and dill.

Serve it cold in a bowl, with toast, lemon and possibly. Creme fraiche to, next to.