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Stone bites with and without yellow

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1 portion(s)

Ingredients for Stone bites with and without yellow

Butter or oil
1tspGround coriander
2Bay leaves
4leavesIsinglass per 1/2 l
500gPeeled lumpfish

Instructions for Stone bites with and without yellow

To prepare the Stone bites with and without yellow recipe, please follow these instructions:

Onions and pears are finely chopped into a pot of water, vinegar, laurel, coriander, salt and pepper and cooked by steady heat for about ten minutes.

Spice the pure stone bider fillets with salt and pepper, butter in butter or oil for a few minutes on each side for good warmth.
Put them in the vegetables and let it smash four to five minutes. Season with different herbs, such as onion peas, parsley, basil or dill.

The court is cooled and served in the law. Or you can, before cooling, melt 4 leaves of husblas, put them in the layers and put the jelly on the fridge until it stiffens.

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