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Strawberry layer cake

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 8

Ingredients for Strawberry layer cake

Whipped cream
optionalFresh strawberries
1Husblads leaves
3Bright pie bottoms
500gFrozen strawberries

Instructions for Strawberry layer cake

To prepare the Strawberry layer cake recipe, please follow these instructions:

Low pie-cream as described on the package.

Let the strawberries thaw in a sieve and let the juice drip into a cup or bowl.

When jorbærene is thawed, mash them easily led a fork, pour evt overskydene juice from above in the Cup.

Dissolve husbladsen son beskrvet at package, mix it in jorbærene and let it stand in the refrigerator until congealed.

Whip now cream foam rigid and turn these berries in.

Put a pie bottom with the back side up and drizzle Strawberry juice over, a thin layer of butter (depending on your preference) of the cream on the pie, drefter a layer with whipped cream-jorbær sheet No.

Repeat with next layer cake bottom on top.

The last pie bottom with a face-up. Mix the formelis and boiling water together to form thick icing and spread on top of cake bottom.

Garnish the sides with whipped cream and finally with fresh strawberries.

Indfarv possibly the glaze is with fruit or cream color-paste.