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Stuffed quail on pain d’épice

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Stuffed quail on pain d’épice

Handful mixed parsley and Sage
Wheat flour for Breading of schnitzel
optionalA little lemon juice
Pain d épice can be purchased in specialty trade
a littlePaprika cumin
0.25bundleFinely chopped parsley
0.5tspRisvins vinegar
1Egg yolk
1Carrot and celery in ¼ diced
1cloveMinced garlic 1 minced shallot
1Chopped red chilli
1Chopped shallots
1Handful of parsley
1Little butter bun to jævning
1Stiffly whipped egg white
10gCorn flour
100gFoie gras touched with a little wine and possibly. Cognac
2dlBoil water from brislerne
200gDuck kråser
200gRaw foie gras
3tbspWheat flour
400gThe thymus

Instructions for Stuffed quail on pain d’épice

To prepare the Stuffed quail on pain d’épice recipe, please follow these instructions:

Farsert quail:
Bake the quails, put a stick of raw foie gras in the quail, together with chopped mustard and a spice of herbs. The guard is packed together to look like a whole quail and packed into the fat net.

Persian pears:
The porridge is cut into 5 cm long pieces. A hole is made in the middle of anyway. With iron bar. Then remove the outer leaves, leaving only 2-3 leaves left. Put in a potato two round poles. They boil tenderly and cool. Before serving, close one end with a potato pot, then sprinkle the touched foie gras through the opening into the pore, eventually closing with the last potato pot. Then make the spice sprouts by blending rasp and seasoning until the rasp has a uniform color. The pears are then paned in eggs and rasp.

The cans are cleaned and salted for 12 hours. After that they are baked with oil in the oven for approx. 2 hours at 180 gr. The Chutney layer is made by boiling all the ingredients and mixing the breasts when finished. This can be served cold to court.

Exchange variation:
The sprouts are diluted for 2 hours, after which they are blanched and the skin is pulled off and cooked in salted water with lots of herbs. Allow the bris to finish in the cooking water until it is cold.

Then 3 different things have to be made of it.
1: Schnitzel to lay on the saucepan.
2: brissel frikassé.
3: exchange in dough.

Start cutting the schnitzels for approx. 0.5 cm thickness. They must be so large in the circumference that they can cover the hole in the saucepan.

Then pick them to be rolled in dough. They should not be too big approx. So they can lay on a teaspoon. The dough is made by mixing all the ingredients and turning whipped egg whites into the end.

For the frying pan, chop the dishes very well and chop with the rest until shortly before serving.

30 min before the guests arrive, put the quails in the oven at 180 gr. For 15 min. The pears are lightly lit on the forehead so that the rasp just gets stuck, the brissel lids are also roasted and both things are put on the plate with the quails when they come out of the oven after 15 minutes. The slice of pain d épice is also added here as all parts must be warmed shortly before serving, so let the oven run.

Take the brussels to dough and dip them into this and fry them in the oil. Put the whole plate with all the ingredients in the oven and warm it well for approx. 5 min.

Fry the saucepan with the herbs and put in the saucepan with chopped parsley. Brisselschnitzlen is laid on the lid, then the fritters and frittered salvie leaves are laid on top. The pores are crossed and the cold shells are laid in this way. The waist can be tranched, put it on the now crisp pain d épice and put on the hot plates.