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Stuffed Tomatoes 04

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Stuffed Tomatoes 04

(lemon juice if desired)
Mayonaise/mirrakelwip (mht. FAT%)
1Good handful dill
1Whole or 2 half-peppers
4canTuna in water
4-8Tomatoes (after str.)

Instructions for Stuffed Tomatoes 04

To prepare the Stuffed Tomatoes 04 recipe, please follow these instructions:

Take the tomatoes and cut a little of the end of the stem, take a teaspoon and hollow-out of them thoroughly.

Take the drained tuna and came in a bowl, add the bell pepper into cubes, chopped onion, cucumber, diced, chopped dill, and add to the last mirrakelwip/mayonaise aftertaste and spiced with salt and pepper.

Came the filling in a tomato at a time so it forms a small salad on top of the tomato and decorations which simultaneously conveys to the end with 1 or 2 leaves fresh bassilikum.

I have used this right as an assignment at school, and it was not because there was any acidic mines there:D ...