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Sugar-free spheres with Stevia

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 person(s)

Ingredients for Sugar-free spheres with Stevia

optional50 ml boiling water
Roll in coconut or børnecacao
1lidAlmond essence
1tspNescafe powder
150gTørristede almonds
16(fresh) dates u. steen
30gDark cacao

Instructions for Sugar-free spheres with Stevia

To prepare the Sugar-free spheres with Stevia recipe, please follow these instructions:

The almonds shake on a hedge pan, keep an eye on them. When they are golden and start to say little sounds they are done.
Dates are earmarked. All ingredients blend together for up to 10 minutes. Until all is a single mass. The water is added continuously as needed to collect the dough.
The amount of Stevia varies. I have a very small measuring stick, which I use 3 of for this portion.
The mass rests ½ to 1 hour in a refrigerator and then rolls into small balls, which are turned into coconut or sweet cocoa (children's cocoa).

Delicious like stuffed chocolate ... according to my husband :-)