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Super delicious beans

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Super delicious beans

Lemon juice
Soy aftertaste but about half of the oil
0.5-1dlOlive oil
1packageBacon, diced
1000gGreen beans (haricots vertes)
1-2clovePressed garlic
1-2Red onion

Instructions for Super delicious beans

To prepare the Super delicious beans recipe, please follow these instructions:

1: Boil the beans so that they still have bite. They must only just warmed through.
2: Click rødløget and mix it with beans
3: fry the bacon to the Pan and mix with beans and red onion
4: mix all ingredients for marinade together and pour over bean mixture

The marinade is very important to try to make it fit. The Court is really delicious to fx. a good rump roast or similar.