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The classic glowgg

Drinks (warm)
Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for The classic glowgg

1Cinnamon. Rod
100gAlmonds, peeled
12Cloves, whole
2Cardamom, whole
7.5dlRed wine. meat

Instructions for The classic glowgg

To prepare the The classic glowgg recipe, please follow these instructions:

Pour red wine into an enamelled pot and add cinnamon and cardamom into a small gazepose. Heat up to slightly below boiling point, turn off under the pan and allow the wine to draw under the lid. 5 minutes.

Add sugar, lemon juice and thin strips of yellow peel of lemon.

Slice whole cloves into the slightly bitter sevilla oranges or pomerans and put them in a heated bowl together with raisins and whole slices of almonds.

Pour the hot wine over and serve the faucet in small glasses.