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The hunter's wilderness

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for The hunter's wilderness

A little ginger, only ¼ tskf
2dlWhipped cream
2Wild duck (a) 500 g
5-6dlChicken broth

Instructions for The hunter's wilderness

To prepare the The hunter's wilderness recipe, please follow these instructions:

The wild ducklings dare up and the heart and liver rinse like the birds, which are then wiped and rubbed and inside with salt, pepper and ginger.

The apples are distributed to both, peeled and chopped out, stuffed in the birds and closed with cotton nuts or meatballs.

The birds are buttered in a saucepan and afterwards, the hot chicken broth is added with heart and possibly. Live and under low tiny birds for 50 minutes. Stitches in the thighs, the rise time depends on the age of birds. Take the liver up after 15 minutes.

The birds are taken up, halved or divided into quarters, kept warm. The apples are rubbed through a sieve in the sauce, boiling with whipped cream, seasoned with spices and smoothed a little. Serve with boiled potatoes, the refined apple sauce, extra half-cooked apples, small peas salad and sun cream gels.

Accessories for wildlife can also be:
Apple with grated horseradish

They cook a nice light apple sauce with only a little water and a little sugar, and this mash is seasoned with freshly prepared fresh horseradish. Served cold to wild.

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