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The hunter's winning hair

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for The hunter's winning hair

A little parsley
1kgSkinned hare
12smallChalotteløg (possibly the frozen)
2dlRed wine
200gLean pork
3tbspWheat flour
3-4The whole white peppercorns

Instructions for The hunter's winning hair

To prepare the The hunter's winning hair recipe, please follow these instructions:

The hair is divided into smaller pieces, part the thighs in the joint between the thighs and legs and divide the back in 3-4 pieces across.
The batter is cut into small cubes and browned with the harness pieces for approx. 75 g of butter - this is best done in a frying pan - and gradually put the pieces with the flask into a pan. Add broth, red wine, salt, pepper, garlic in slices, parsley, sliced ​​onions and peppercorns. The whole little twist is under cover for approx. 1-1½ hours until the meat is tender. Perhaps with a little more wine / broth may be added during the frying.

On the frying pan, chop the small chalot with the ripe mushrooms in slices. The pickles are taken from the pot, the cloud is poured, poured back into the pan, boils up, leveled and tasted. In this mix are the harness pieces, the fried chalotte and mushrooms. Everything cooks for 10 min.

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