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The phase from Brogården

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for The phase from Brogården

EVS. 1 cup sour cream
Butter BLOBs
2slicesSmoked lard
3dlCoffee cream
900gPheasant, 1 large or 2 smaller

Instructions for The phase from Brogården

To prepare the The phase from Brogården recipe, please follow these instructions:

It cleaned possibly. Thawed, pheasant filled with apples, salt, pepper and approx. 2 slices of smoked bacon. The bird closes with a ladder or ties with a string.

The phases are now poured into a pan with the other spoon discs cut into strips. Then add salt, pepper, coffee cream and color and like a little yellow.

Underneath the pebbles, the pheasant fades for 50-60 minutes, it should be so tender in the thighs.

The bird is taken up and kept warm while the sauce is added to the cream fry and smoothed and seasoned, preferably with extra yellow.

For the buttered potatoes, boil and peel the potatoes the day before and shake the heat in golden butter with the parsley parsley. A good salad is also good for this.