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Tom yum goong '' spicy reesuppe ''

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 person(s)

Ingredients for Tom yum goong '' spicy reesuppe ''

1tbspChili oil
1cupMushrooms-your choice possibly an entire bag of fungus can be purchased in Asian grocery store
10Lime leaves
2tbspFish sauce
200gPeeled black tiger prawns (large shrimp)
3stemsFresh lemon grass
3tbspLime juice
4Spring onions sliced
6Chili thai prik kee noo very spicy or 3 red chilli sliced seedless

Instructions for Tom yum goong '' spicy reesuppe ''

To prepare the Tom yum goong '' spicy reesuppe '' recipe, please follow these instructions:

1. Pour chicken chicken into a pan and bring to a boil -
2.Add lemongrass and gingerbread and cook for 5 minutes with low heat
3. Remove lemon and shrimps for the heat Add the pilled prawns, spring onion mushroom chili oil and thaichili. Cook a couple of minutes-watch the prawns.
4. Remove the pot from the heat and taste with fish sauce and lime juice

Can be used both as starter and main course like served with rice and flutes