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TomKhaGai '' Coconut Milk Soup ''

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 person(s)

Ingredients for TomKhaGai '' Coconut Milk Soup ''

1sprinkleFresh chopped cilantro leaves, garnish
1Chicken breast cut into small cubes
1pinchRed chilli powder
1.5dlCoconut milk
10gLemon grass (tamper-proof from after cooking)
2tbspFish sauce taste even to
4Lime leaves
4tbspLime juice
5gGalangal into thin slices
5dlChicken broth

Instructions for TomKhaGai '' Coconut Milk Soup ''

To prepare the TomKhaGai '' Coconut Milk Soup '' recipe, please follow these instructions:

Heat chicken broth and add all ingredients except chicken and coconut milk
Bring it to boil and then add chicken and coconut milk
Let it boil a couple of minutes until the chicken feels done - taste and simmer for a few more minutes - serve immediately with flutes or rice

This dish is with chicken but can be replaced with any other meat type - may be an independent dish or part of a larger meal.