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Tournedos bearnaise

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Tournedos bearnaise

A few leaves of tarragon
0.25dlBéarnaise essence
0.25dlTarragon vinegar
1slicesBacon, sliced
100gGreen peas. frozen
175gBeef Tenderloin, trimmed
250gPotato. pommes frites. deep-fried
3Egg yolk

Instructions for Tournedos bearnaise

To prepare the Tournedos bearnaise recipe, please follow these instructions:

Begin with the sauce as it takes the longest time.

Pour the bearnaise essence and the estragon vinegar into a saucepan which is placed over a water bath, after which egg yolks are whipped. Continue whipping until the sauce has become even and creamy.

The clarified butter is added under constant repetition.

Season the sauce with Estragon vinegar, salt and pepper.

Finally add finely chopped estragon. A bearnaise sauce should never be hot, as it can make it separate.

Bank the steaks lightly with your hand and tie each steak with 1 slice of bacon, use if necessary. A toothpick.

Rub a thickened pan with oil and heat it. Wipe the steaks with a kitchen roll. Flip the steaks quickly on a glow pan and take them off the forehead. Wipe the pan with a roll of paper.

Brown the butter and steak the steaks 2½ - 4 min. On each side, depending on the thickness and how red you want the meat. Sprinkle salt and pepper on during frying.

Put the steaks on a hot dish and pour the steak over. Server immediately with eg. French fries, peas and bearnaise sauce.