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Tournedos with port wine sauce

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 2

Ingredients for Tournedos with port wine sauce

0.5dlCream 13%
0.5Iceberg lettuce
0.5tspCorn flour
0.5dlBeef broth
1tspSherry wine vinegar or flavored vinegar
2tbspLight port wine
2Tournedos (beef tenderloin wrapped blubber)
3stemsLeaf celery

Instructions for Tournedos with port wine sauce

To prepare the Tournedos with port wine sauce recipe, please follow these instructions:

The sprouts are browned on a dry forehead and the meat is spread in the melted fat, approx. 4 min. on every side.

The pan is boiled with port wine and broth, and the sugar is leveled with maizena soaked in the cream.

Salad: The salad is cut into thin strips and the blade cell in thin bars. The nuts are chopped roughly and added.

The dressing is whipped together and poured over.

Served with cream potatoes or some other kind of potato.