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Turbot with potato skins and saffron sauce

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Turbot with potato skins and saffron sauce

4 x 100 g turbot.
0.5gWhole saffron
2Large baking potatoes into thin slices crunch out in small scales
2.5dlFish stock (bouillon cube + water)
2.5dlWhite wine
2.5dlCoffee cream
250gUnsalted butter

Instructions for Turbot with potato skins and saffron sauce

To prepare the Turbot with potato skins and saffron sauce recipe, please follow these instructions:

Mousseline: Salmon and egg blended into an empty lot and slowly add cream, run in the blender until it is smooth. On darnes lubricated first mousseline forcemeat, then added "potato scales". The fish are met on a greased plate and put under the grill in the oven and grilled 10-15 minutes.

Sauce: fish stock, white wine and Saffron is reduced by half. Fitted with cold butter. Tomatconcassée: the tomatoes by scratches in the top, flowers the scar is cut away. The tomatoes soaked in boiling water for a moment. The skin is removed, the tomatoes cut into quarter, cores and the juice is removed. The tomatoes cut into small squares.

Noritang: Noritang are soaked in cold water and cut into small pieces.

The fish served on saffron sauce. Tomatconcasse and tang met on the sauce. Can be served with: solve rice, white potatoes, bread, baguettes, or small fillet triangles. Variation tips: There can also be used instead of turbot walleye, Brill or halibut.