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Venne-cones with whipped cream and strawberries sylt.

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 6 portion(s)

Ingredients for Venne-cones with whipped cream and strawberries sylt.

125gWheat flour
125gMelted butter

Instructions for Venne-cones with whipped cream and strawberries sylt.

To prepare the Venne-cones with whipped cream and strawberries sylt. recipe, please follow these instructions:

Beat the sugar and eggs together well. Whisk the melted butter in, then the flour and whisk in. Heat oven up to approx. 200 g, and grease a baking pan thoroughly. Style plate on top of the stove or in the oven, let it be a short time, so that it is snug. Com BLOBs (ca. a ladle) on the baking plate, which can be 4, they float a lot out. The dough should preferably be in a layer of approximately 2 mm.-Finally, not thinner or thicker. Came the plate in the oven in ca. 4-5 min. keep a close eye on the plate, the dough should be light brown around the edges and lighter in the Center. It takes a bit before you find out exactly how much color you must give them. they must not be too bright, because they cannot be rigid when the cooling off.
When they see the finished out, beats you stand in a stool and allying yourself with a friend put a dishtowel on the lårbasserne, and let his friend take the finished cones out of the oven, one by one, with a spatula while you roll them on their laps as they come out ...
Once you have burnt pain and rolled a well-read person, made it to cool immediately in a wide bottle opening, or opening in a small syltemøjsglas. Now have your friend already the next cone ready for scrolling, and you can continue.
When the tradesmen's houses are completely cold, they are brittle, and can be "stacked" into each other. Be saved in a dense canned. When serving, you can fill a bowl or similar, with sugar and provide the tradesmen's houses were upright in the sugar. The eaten filled with Strawberry syltemøj, and soft whipped cream.

I call these cones for "friend-cones" since it requires 2 man to fix them (if you don't have 8 arms) one can easily do variations of the tradesmen's houses, getting a little grated lemon rind, vanilla, or fx. grated ginger in the dough.