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Water cakes with crab meat

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Water cakes with crab meat

1nipCayenne pepper
175gUnsalted butter
210gWhite flour
225gWhite crab meat
6Together beaten eggs

Instructions for Water cakes with crab meat

To prepare the Water cakes with crab meat recipe, please follow these instructions:

Cut the butter into the tern and put into a heavy pot with the water. Heat slowly until the butter melts and bring to a boil. Vip the flour quickly. Take the pot of heat and stir firmly with wood. As soon as the dough is smooth and begins to release the sides of the pan, add salt. Put the pot in a bowl of cold water and cool for 10 min.

Stir gradually the egg yolk into a smooth dough. Add the crab meat and cayenne pepper and mix well.

Have a greased baking sheet ready. Put the dough on the plate with a spoon and a bag in a preheated oven of 220 ° for approx. 20 min. The water trays must be slightly crisp and golden brown. Let them rest a few minutes before serving.

You can fill them with the dark crab meat, which I think is the most delicious. Make a cut at the top of each water tray with a sharp knife and bring a teaspoon of dark crab meat into the middle.