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Watermelon Caprese Salad

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Watermelon Caprese Salad

0.25Small red onion, thin cutting edge
0.5tspChopped fresh rosemary
2tbspRed wine vinegar
2Tomatoes, cast in 4 slices each
250gFresh mozzrella, cast in 8 slices
3.5dlStrawberry, cast in slices
6tbspOlive oil
8Stenfri watermelon boats, 1 cm thickness
9dlBaby spinach, washed

Instructions for Watermelon Caprese Salad

To prepare the Watermelon Caprese Salad recipe, please follow these instructions:

Stir ingredients for dressing together in a bowl.

Share baby spinach between 4 plates. Share the rest of the salad ingredients between the 4 plates. Sprinkle with dressing.