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Whole calf tenderloin puffed with duck breast

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Whole calf tenderloin puffed with duck breast

Pepper (Mill)
1tbspWhole white pepper
1tbspGround coriander
2Bay leaves
2.5dlWhipped cream
200gChicken breast
5dlPowerful veal sauce (broth cube + water)
500gMixed forest mushroom URf.eks. chanterelles and porcini, inter alia. Karl johan)
600gBaking potatoes (peeled)
750gVeal Tenderloin

Instructions for Whole calf tenderloin puffed with duck breast

To prepare the Whole calf tenderloin puffed with duck breast recipe, please follow these instructions:

Calves: The legs are well brown and covered with cold water in a large pot. The saucepan is slowly boiled and foamed along the way. The cleansed herbs are added and the calf fungus is skimmed too fat during boiling. Cooking time: 10 hours at low heat.
The fund is sieved and boiled until it is strong in taste.

Popped calf tenderloin
The duels are cut off. The thighs are cooked in a little of the calf skine until they are tender, 40-45 minutes. The dough is cooked in the oven approx. 8 minutes at 180 degrees C and cool down afterwards.

The calf broth is polished for seniors and a hole is made in the middle of the calf butterfly with a wooden shaft. The chicken breasts are served in a food processor and run cool, first with salt. Then add the egg and gradually add whipped cream until the farmer has obtained a creamy consistency.

Duab without skin, cut from the chilled fried pies and cut into the tern. The terns are turned into the souffléfarsen and this is sprayed into the calf butter, with a spray bag. The brussel brunes well and fry approx. 2 x 15 minutes. The best result is achieved in the oven at 180 degrees C. Runs 10 minutes between each time.

Mushrooms: The sponges are cleansed and the large mushrooms (tubular hats) cut into smaller pieces. The mushrooms are sauteed golden, turn into calves, add a little cold butter. Krydres possibly. With salt and pepper (mill)

Pommes Anna: The potatoes are cut into slices. The loaf is chopped fine and sautéed in butter. Potatoes and onions are put into layers and added to melted butter. Bake in the oven under pressure at 180 degrees C, approx. 40 minutes. Cool and cut as desired. The sliced ​​potatoes are lined in the oven before serving.

Aim: Calve fond with mushrooms is placed on the plate and the tenderloin is cut into 3 cm thick slices and one slice is served on each plate. Appointed with pickled duel years and Pommes Anna. Decorate with a little broad parsley or chop.