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Wienerschnitsel, late

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4 portion(s)

Ingredients for Wienerschnitsel, late

Herring/boneless anchovies or capers
Green beans or peas and carrots fine
Planed horseradish
Wheat flour
Potatoes, if desired. purchased in glass
optionalWhipped cream
Frying margarine or butter
2pcsPork Tenderloin

Instructions for Wienerschnitsel, late

To prepare the Wienerschnitsel, late recipe, please follow these instructions:

The pork tenderloin is divided into 4 equal pieces, set to the top, twisted a little in spiral, pressed flat and then knocked to approx. 1 cm thickness (a wine bottle can be used). In order not to break the pieces of meat into pieces, lay it down. A freezer between the meat and the meat hammer / wine bottle. Whip the eggs and add the milk, mix grated and flour with salt and pepper as needed.

The potatoes are cut for approx. A 1/2 inch thick slice, warm the pan well, add butter / margarine, let the potato slices roast and turn them regularly until they turn golden and put the heat down to the small lids, lay if necessary. Lay over at the lowest heat.

Before serving, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle. Sugar over and potatoes reversed. Boil smash as needed with a little salt.

Heat a pan well up to the four schnitzels, add the fat, turn the meat into the battered egg and milk and pan them. Stir the schnitzler until they turn golden, turn them on until the other side is golden and put the heat down to the second best heat, then give them approx. 3 min. on every side. Take them off the forehead and put them on a hot serving dish.

Possibly. sauce:
Raise the heat to the forehead, add whipped cream and let it evenly smooth, taste with the juice from the capers, salt and pepper. Spice the Schnitzler with a slice of lemon, grated horseradish, anchovies / boneless herring and capers in that order.

Server and welcome.

Of course, cream sauce and sour cream in potatoes can be omitted, but recommended. Put aside. Extra capers, herring / anchovies, horseradish and lemon slices on the table. A good glass of red wine or two to accompany this dish is preferable.