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Wienerschnitzel as in Vienna

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 1

Ingredients for Wienerschnitzel as in Vienna

Fine bread crumbs
Wheat flour
Together beaten eggs
Lard or oil
1Veal schnitzel per person

Instructions for Wienerschnitzel as in Vienna

To prepare the Wienerschnitzel as in Vienna recipe, please follow these instructions:

The meat is knocked as thin as possible. (Must be so you can read the newspaper through it). Sprinkle with salt and turn into flour. The egg is whipped together with 1 tbsp. Cold water as the schnitzel turns in. Make sure there are eggs all over the place. Finally, turn the meat into a fine rasp. The common is too rough.

The meat is cooked in plenty of hot fat. It is going to swim. Occasionally, some of the fat comes over the schnitzel. It must be nice golden. Remove from the pan and drizzle on the kitchen roll.

Served only with lemon (no fish, horseradish and capers).

As an accessory:
Rice and a mixed green salad. Or potato salad with oil / vinegar marinated and green salad.

Now I have lived in Vienna for 26 years and I have never got anchovice or hijackers. Dettte is the right way to serve Schnitzel in Vienna. -anni-