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Wildflower fillet with grannel and thyme

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 4

Ingredients for Wildflower fillet with grannel and thyme

Fresh spruce needles (same amount as thyme)
White pepper
Garlic at will
Olive oil
Grated nutmeg
Swine barn
Unsalted butter
0.5dlBalsamic vinegar
0.5lStrong Brown veal sauce (broth cube + water)
1Apple (ingrid marie)
100gCold unsalted butter
2small platesPuff pastry
2dlRed wine
4smallFoil tart molds
400gBaking potatoes, cut into small cubes
50gSpring onions
50gGreen beans
50gChopped onion
50gRed onion
50gSugar peas
80gFresh chanterelles
900gWild boar fillet (afpareret)

Instructions for Wildflower fillet with grannel and thyme

To prepare the Wildflower fillet with grannel and thyme recipe, please follow these instructions:

The chopped wildflower fillet is browned in olive oil. Seasoned with salt and white pepper. Timian and fresh neighbors are brought to the blender and mixed with coarse salt.

The browned fillet is rolled into the spice mixture and wrapped in a pork tenderloin. Bake in the oven at 210 degrees C until it is pink fried (cooking time about 18 minutes, rest time about 18 minutes).

Grannåleskud is best in the period 1-20 May. Freeze them down for later use.

Sauce: Scallops, garlic and apple cut into the tern and easily swirled in olive oil. Balsamic added. Then add red wine and calvados and the sauce is reduced slightly. Add calf skies and reduce further. The sauce is topped with cold butter and seasoned with salt and white pepper. The sauce is sifted.

Potato gratin: All ingredients are mixed and filled in lubricated timber form. Bake in oven approx. 1 hour at 150 degrees C.

Casserole pie: The butter dough is poured out with a glass in a suitable shape, so that the butterfly bottom fills the foil form. Season the cantaloupe and the loaf into a little olive oil, season with mashed potatoes, salt and white pepper and cool. Eggs and cream are whipped together easily. Add the cantaloupe to the butterdej bottom and pour it into the egg yolk. Afterwards they are to be baked in oven at 180 degrees C for approx. 12 minutes.

Additionally: Sugars, spring onions, carrots, red onions and green beans are cut evenly. Vaporize in water and butter.

Directions: The dish is served with buttered vegetables, sauce calvados and canterella. The potato gratin is served on a party.

Potato gratin and canterella can optionally be added spinach and green herbs.