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Wokmad m. chicken and vegetables

Cook time: 0 min.
Servings: 5 portion(s)

Ingredients for Wokmad m. chicken and vegetables

IE. spices
a littleSpring onions
0.5-1canKokusmælk light
1canBamboo shoots
1Broccoile head
1Chicken boulion
1Red peperfrugt
1canWater chestnuts
1.5Red onion
150gChicken into cubes/strips

Instructions for Wokmad m. chicken and vegetables

To prepare the Wokmad m. chicken and vegetables recipe, please follow these instructions:

wash all the vegetables.
spring onions, rødløget and pepperfrugten cut into small pieces. slice the potatoes, and pastinakken guleroderne into strips. broccolien cut to small heads.
Start wokgryden, add oil and mix the Curry and possibly. a little chili mix. put chicken in and let it get to it is almost done. Add potatoes, red onion, carrots, and parsnips, pour a little water broccolie at approx. 2 dl. Maybe more. put salt and stir. put boulion cube in.
Let Cook for kaftoflerne is halfway tender. put kokusmælk in, stir then it comes all over the place. put bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and pepperfrugten i. root around a bit in that. let it stand for 2 mins time.
Taste it, if desired. to with i.e. spices.
but leaf never Curry and paprika together. Bon appétit!

Can eat without something to, but rice is good for. Add if necessary. 1 garlic clove together with rødløget.